What is a TOP Line Account™?


What is a TOP Line Account™?


I thought that you’d never ask! A ‘TOP Line Account™’ is your biggest and best prospect and/or current customer poised for expansion. Sometimes referred to as a ‘Million Dollar Deal’ (which might be 100K or 10m+ depending on your business); these top opportunities are complex in nature and require a strategic approach and framework.

For instance, when was the last time your team closed a seven-figure deal? Despite the best sales talent, many high potential, big contracts get whittled down, end up stalled, or are lost completely. Large deals are complex and require a very different approach to identify, develop and win. Gaining big contracts, also known as TOP Line Accounts™, propels your organization to where you want and need to be before the competition gets there.

Now is a great time to consider your prospects for TOP Line Account wins next year.

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