Tips to Win More Frequently



How can Win Themes™ help me win more frequently?


Win themes™ are a great way for sellers to improve their sales conversations.

Win themes™ are the intersection of your prospect’s priorities and the strengths of your products or services. Win themes™ should be used to prepare for all presentations and important sales calls.

For example, one of my clients was preparing an RFP response to expand their business with a current customer. The opportunity was worth millions of dollars to my client. We took the time to develop three solid win themes™ and then went back through the RFP to make sure that each and every answer in their response pointed to one of the win themes™. We also included an example or two to reinforce the message. The examples were ‘evidence’ of the win theme™ and provided solid proof. Their response went from generic (template based) to compelling and it was a game-changer for them. They won the contract!

If you find yourself ‘telling’ about your company or about your products and services, win themes™ will help you to remember to ask questions about your prospect’s problems and priorities. This allows you to find the sweet spot of receptivity which will improve your sales conversation dramatically.

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