What Do Client’s Say About Working With Top Line Sales?

One of the highlights of my professional growth and leadership

I joined the group as it formed in early 2014. At the time I jumped at the opportunity to be part of a small group of like-minded sales leadership professionals. I have grown tremendously as a result of the group through the structure of regular meetings, planning, goal focus and gaining expert advice.

However, the power of group really came to play last year during my job transition. Not only did the group help me in every aspect of my job search, but one of the members introduced me to the person who ultimately led to securing the VP of Sales position I have today (it takes a network). Along the way I have been able to hone my skills as much in dealing with the others common issues as I have been able to on my own challenges.

It’s pretty special in today’s fast paced business environment to have a group of 7-8 highly accomplished sales executives willing to help and unselfishly dedicated to my success. This experience has been one of the highlights of my professional growth and leadership capabilities during my entire career.

Jim Andrews
VP of Sales

Tremendous value in the diverse perspectives of Sales VP’s

If you’re a VP of Sales and would appreciate a tight knit professional group outside of the politics of your company, then the Sales Executive Mastermind Group might be a good fit for you. I’ve been a member since 2014 and have found tremendous value in the diverse perspectives of Sales VP’s from varying industries and company sizes. The monthly accountability partner get-togethers are also a solid opportunity for reinforcement, assistance and support.

Overall, the group has been very beneficial for me in my role as a sales leader. I would be more than happy to discuss in more detail with prospective group members.

Grant Lawson
Managing Director, VP of Sales

Overwhelmingly successful training session

The Oregon Employment Department, in partnership with Worksystems, Inc., selected Lisa to provide outreach and business development training for approximately 60 regional staff (Portland, Clackamas and SW Washington) WorkSource staff who work directly with local businesses. Lisa’s pre-planning with our leadership team was very valuable and led to an overwhelmingly successful training session. Lisa has a solid grasp of sales techniques and provided our staff with a strong framework to promote the services and products that WorkSource offers our business customer. Not only were her training materials on target to meet our needs, but her facilitation of the material was outstanding. She was quick thinking in the moment, interacted with staff in professional and tactful manner. Additionally, she is committed to our success and has a strong reinforcement plan that she continues to work with us on so that our investment is protected. I recommend Lisa’s Outreach and Business Development training course for other organizations seeking to be smarter and more efficient when communicating their products, services and value to potential customers.

Robert Brown
Area Manager
WorkSource Oregon Employment Department

Helped us to retain our largest client

Top Line Sales has done strategic sales training, customer service strategic training and general strategic sales consulting for us since 2012. We don’t use a lot of consultants but Top Line Sales is the exception. Before working with Top Line Sales we didn’t have a strategic sales process and did very little in terms of strategic thinking with regards to selling to our clients.

Since working with Top Line Sales, we are much better prepared and have a significantly bigger impact with our clients. Top Line Sales has helped us to present ourselves with a much higher level of professionalism. They have also consistently reminded us to keep the customer’s priorities at the center of our thinking versus just talking about our capabilities. The impact of this shift has been direct, positive client feedback after our presentations. Top Line Sales helped us to retain our largest client, minimizing the competitive threat and putting together a tighter account review and pro-active account management process. This was invaluable for our company. It seems that any time we have a big opportunity or presentation, our Account Managers want to work with Top Line Sales.

The thing that we might appreciate most about working with Top Line Sales is the direct and honest feedback they give us on how to improve. They know what to do and help facilitate and structure discussions to help us get to the end zone on sales projects such as large proposals or presentations. It’s also helpful to have an expert, outside viewpoint. Top Line Sales is responsive, detailed, accurate and they always deliver on time. We plan to continue to use them for all aspects of our strategic sales program.

Chris Feryn

Top Line Sales knows what needs to be done

We engaged Top Line Sales because we needed to shore up our sales processes and procedures. We didn’t have goals, performance standards, incentive programs or sales agent expectations of any kind. Our management approach was to align with our agent sales people, almost as if we were their co-worker. We knew that to continue our positive revenue growth path, we needed to put a solid sales and sales management foundation in place and fast.

Top Line Sales helped us set clear sales agent expectations, establish reporting, implement a regular ‘all sales’ meeting program, develop a sales recognition program and more. They worked with us to put together a professional sales program. The pre and post sales organization assessment helped to direct our efforts which enabled us to accomplish quite a lot in a relatively short period of time. Top Line Sales also provided customized sales tools for our sales agents making them look much more prepared and professional in front of our customers.

As a result, we are confident in our ability to grow and we know that our sales will continue to go up. We even shored up our legal foundation (agent sales contract). Because of our relationship with Top Line Sales, sales management now has a clear line of sight between sales goals and revenue results.

Top Line Sales knows what needs to be done and is very easy to work with. All deliverables were met. All meetings had an agenda and were a great use of our time. We especially appreciated their timely and comprehensive recaps. They brought big company expertise to our small company and as a result we now have the professional sales program that we sought.

Sandy Barnes
Sales and Customer Relations Manager

Exceeded our expectations

Providence Health & Services engaged Top Line Sales to provide sales training to our group of over 30 sales and outreach people and their managers. Prior to the training, our managers reported their top issues as: inconsistent approach (techniques, language, tools) to sales and lack of clarity around sales best practices. After the training, attendees had a standard approach for pre-call planning, were more comfortable with open ended sales questions and understood how to tie features to benefits and why this is important. The impact for our organization is increased consistency and clarity with regards to our sales efforts. Attendee feedback was extremely positive and post training survey results were very strong as well. (4.5 rating on a scale of 1-5)

Working with Top Line Sales exceeded our expectations. Top Line Sales worked with our planning team and key managers to customize training content and plan for every aspect of the training event. They also take a serious approach to change management ensuring that we had a clear executive sponsor message (we used written communications, video and live interaction) and that firm reinforcement plans are in place. Top Line Sales takes a professional and pro-active approach which resulted in a highly successful engagement. We recommend Top Line Sales to any organization who wants to improve sales and sales effectiveness.

Rechelle Day, MBA
Outreach Services