What Do Client’s Say About Working With Top Line Sales?

We found the program extremely comprehensive, yet practical

HealthCo Information Systems brought Top Line Sales in for a three month training engagement in 2016 and again in 2017. The training was focused on the methodology and tools to vet, develop and close large deal opportunities. We found the program extremely comprehensive, yet practical. It also included reinforcement strategies from beginning to end. To underscore the impact for HealthCo, we worked on one very sizable opportunity during session one and the team was able to close it before session three, just two months later. The contract represented a huge win for the sales team. Another unique aspect of the training was the focus on our top 3 competitors. Lisa developed an extremely impactful exercise whereby sub-teams were assigned a competitor, researched that competitor and then crafted a presentation as if they were that competitor. Our sales people really ‘got it’ when they put themselves in the competitors’ shoes.

We have embraced the concepts and tools that Top Line Sales brought to HealthCo and feel confident that they will continue to produce results for our sales group.

I would be happy to speak with anyone looking to utilize Lisa’s program for their sales team.

Jason Porter
Vice President Sales & Marketing

TLS is an integral part of planning process

The Berkshire Company has been working with Top Line Sales since 2009. Through regular reviews, Top Line Sales had helped us transform our sales activity into purposeful actions. As part of the reviews, we receive documented analysis of our work, our results and recommendations on how to improve for even greater success. Working with Top Line Sales, we’ve learned to look back to move forward.  This approach has translated into greater consistency, meaning fewer valleys and higher peaks in the volume of closed sales.

As we prepare for our annual sales meeting, Top Line Sales is an integral part of the planning process. Not just in setting an agenda, but in completing the proper “prep work” required to maximize our efforts onsite. Our company continues to grow, and we rely on Top Line Sales to integrate our new employees into the sales process.

Being successful requires many resources. Top Line Sales is more than a resource, but a trusted partner and an integral member of our team.

Mark M. Fallon
President & CEO

Client win was worth more than 20X our investment in TLS

Providence Health Plan has worked with Top Line Sales since 2011. They have conducted multi-day training workshops for our Account Executives and Account Managers, as well as deal level consulting for many of our key accounts and prospects. Our tenured, professional sales staff appreciated a fresh perspective, tools to improve and standardize strategic account planning, and innovative concepts such as win themes. Top Line Sales has worked as partners with our staff on proposals and presentations, increasing our confidence level and probability of success. The most notable example is a successful bid process with our largest client, for which Top Line Sales worked with the account management team, several executives and two segment CEOs to prepare the bid response and refine our finalist presentation and interview. The retention of this client was worth more than 20X our investment in their services. Other positive impacts in our sales results that are directly attributable to Top Line Sales include better team focus and efficiency with large sales projects, frequent positive customer feedback regarding the quality of our proposal responses and presentations, and one-on-one training with our new communications person responsible for writing RFP responses.

Working with Top Line Sales has been extremely easy. They are flexible, easy mannered and provide constructive feedback in a way people can understand, implement and quickly see results. They are comfortable working at all levels of an organization and can be deployed in many different ways – training, consulting, and deal level guidance. We highly recommend Top Line Sales.

Brad Garrigues
Chief Sales & Marketing Officer

Highly Recommend Top Line Sales

Ricoh USA has been using Top Line Sales for consulting, training and coaching since 2005. Working with Top Line Sales is easy. They are accessible and excellent at anticipating our needs, bringing fresh ideas to the table on a regular basis. They also have a unique approach to creating and fostering a mutually accountable environment; they make us want to do better. This approach has yielded measurable results over the years.

Top Line Account Development – Top Line Sales has helped us develop and close many large accounts over the years. A recent ‘win’ represented both significant top line revenue as well as bottom line impact. In fact, it was the second largest deal in the country for the product and services set. Before working with Top Line Sales, some of our managers had a one dimensional approach to account development, an absence of structure, few measurements of success and limited collaboration within the various groups. Top Line Sales has provided structure, tools, tips and training to help key managers implement a consistent focus on strategic account development.

Sales Management Development – We asked Top Line Sales to work with our sales managers on a long term growth and development program. Prior, the managers were operating autonomously with little synergy, best practice sharing or trust. We have seen significant improvements within the sales management team, both individually and as a group. Top Line Sales has helped us move the dial on idea sharing, goal setting and attainment, accountability and teamwork.

Sales Executive Mastermind Group – I am a founding member of the Portland based sales executive mastermind group. Prior to joining the group, which is offered and facilitated by Top Line Sales, I did not have a sounding board. It’s very hard to get honest feedback as the sales leader. As the pyramid narrows, there are fewer options for candid opinions and sage advice. The mastermind group has had a significant positive impact on my business. Truly a trusted peer to peer advisory board. Input , feedback and insight has translated to measurable outcomes that far outweigh the time commitment and membership investment.

In summary, I would highly recommend Top Line Sales to any organization, big or small, who wants accelerate their top line sales program through major account development, sales manager development or sales executive development.

Grant Lawson
Managing Director, VP of Sales

Top Line Sales added timely expertise

Providence Health Plans recently engaged Top Line Sales to provide a customized sales coaching program focused on helping us build our approach to landing new whale size accounts. Because of their experience and objectivity, Top Line Sales helped us avoid several unproductive paths. Conversely they provided us with simple course corrections which put us back on track to achieve the results we seek. They also made sure that our program is built on a solid foundation – clear goals, program descriptions, documented sales process, resources, differentiators, effective presentations and more. Two really useful tools that we customized for our purposes are the Pre-Bid Success Calculator and Account Selector Tool. Top Line Sales added timely expertise as we were establishing our program to land sizable new accounts and their assistance was invaluable.

Peter Seeley
Manager, Business Development

Far reaching returns

Oregon Freeze Dry (OFD) engaged Top Line Sales (TLS) to provide expert sales assistance in developing and documenting our sales process, sales leadership playbook and conducting a Strategic Sales Workshop series.

The biggest impact in working with Top Line Sales in development of the Sales Leadership Playbook was shortening the time to productivity for our new Sales Director and providing clear expectations for the department. Top Line Sales led us through the creation of the table of contents, offered perspective and insights on each area and worked with us step by step to ‘get it done’.

Top Line Sales suggested that we document our sales process, uncovering best practices which can be replicated and reinforced by all our sales people. Top Line Sales helped us by providing a framework that could be customized for our company and they had great suggestions for engagement of the sales team and implementation of the process. Conducting interviews, for the process development, with our team allowed the team to provide honest input and feedback, in a safe environment. We even learned some things unrelated to the sales process! Having a 3rd party involved ensured buy in and accelerated the project. The value to us is that our customer interactions are more deliberate and a clear process eliminates getting stuck in or repeating stages. We now have an inventory of questions and tools for each stage and a common language within the team and company. We clearly understand and have improved our efforts at the beginning of the sales process which accelerates our time to order.

Top Line Sales worked with us to create a custom training program spanning four months. They partnered with us to enhance our current efforts and added new ideas and tools that we hadn’t considered. They are experts in strategic sales development, which lent credibility to the concepts introduced internally in addition to the new insights and tools. We expect that the investment will have far reaching returns. The value included improving our sales conversation, consistently understanding the customer’s point of view, improved confidence of our sales people, and a commitment to use the tools to help land, grow and retain our most important and strategic customers.

Working with Top Line Sales has been very beneficial to Oregon Freeze Dry. In addition to the above mentioned areas, they are also very resourceful and introduced us to several (Sales Profiles International and Revegy) value added resources.

Jeni Billups
Senior Vice President, Sales & Marketing