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Working with Top Line Sales was very positive and helpful. We had a new account success (a big win for us) and made solid headway on strategies for our other target prospects and our largest customers. Top Line Sales has a no-nonsense approach, gets straight to work, focuses on goals, and did a great job of navigating our complex company filled with strong personalities. We were extremely happy with the results.


Business Development, Industrial Services Industry

We trusted the process delineated by Top Line Sales and it led to a massive new account win. Top Line Sales was with us from first client contact to contract close – a ten-month sales cycle. Top Line Sales has a can-do approach and kept our account team focused on our goals. Their system included all the tools from scoring our prospects to presentation prep to win room work. Top Line Sales is an invaluable partner to us, especially for our largest opportunities.


President, Insurance Industry

We brought Top Line Sales in for a training engagement focused on the methodology and tools to vet, develop and close large deal opportunities. We found the program extremely comprehensive, yet practical. It included reinforcement strategies from beginning to end. To underscore the impact, we worked on one very sizable opportunity during session one and the team was able to close it before session three, just two months later.


VP Sales & Marketing, Information Systems Industry

Top Line Sales has helped us develop and close many large accounts over the years. A huge ‘win’ represented both significant top line revenue as well as bottom line impact. In fact, it was one of the largest deals in the country for the product and services set. Before working with Top Line Sales, some of our managers had a one-dimensional approach to account development, an absence of structure, few measurements of success and limited collaboration within the various groups. Top Line Sales provided structure, tools, tips, and training to help key managers implement a consistent focus on strategic account development.


Regional Sales VP, Information Management Industry

Key Account Expansion Services

We hire Top Line Sales to work with our clients on their key accounts because their process is the best - current, comprehensive, and impactful. They pair training with Win Room services, so participants apply learnings to real key accounts which results in forward momentum during the program. This practical approach means that account teams also start using what they learn with other key accounts. Top Line Sales has a powerful set of strategic sales tools to match every element of their training. The tools are extremely valuable and easy to use, especially for complex account selling. They refresh their content and tools regularly to reflect what’s working NOW.

Working with Lisa is effortless. She’s responsive, flexible, and aligned with our goals.

Alice Heiman

Chief Sales Energizer, Alice Heiman, LLC

We worked with Top Line Sales recently to bring Win Themes™ into our conversations with key decision makers and executive sponsors for our key accounts and large new prospects. The program was an enhancement to many complex sales training programs that we’ve done with Top Line Sales over the years.

We know that meetings with top-level executives must be a level up from meetings with managers and program leads and Top Line Sales helped us refine those conversation points that would resonate best. We practiced developing and deploying Win Themes™ within the context of specific account opportunities. Our opportunity teams including account managers, account executives, professional services and analysts really saw the value, especially when our demos include the executive sponsor. We’ve seen improved levels of conversations resulting in more engagement with the right people and ultimately better results.


VP of Sales, Research Administration Software Industry

Top Line Sales has worked as partners with our staff on proposals and presentations, increasing our confidence level and probability of success. The most notable example is a successful bid process with our largest client, for which Top Line Sales worked with the account management team, several executives and two segment CEOs to prepare the bid response and refine our finalist presentation and interview. The retention of this client was worth more than 20X our investment in their services.


Chief Sales & Marketing Officer, Healthcare Insurance Industry

Top Line Sales has done strategic sales training, and general complex sales consulting for us. We don’t use a lot of consultants, but Top Line Sales is the exception. Before working with Top Line Sales, we didn’t have a strategic sales process and did very little in terms of strategic thinking with regards to selling to our clients.

Since working with Top Line Sales, we are much better prepared and have a significantly bigger impact with our clients. Top Line Sales has helped us to present ourselves with a much higher level of professionalism. They have also consistently reminded us to keep the customer’s priorities at the center of our thinking versus just talking about our capabilities. The impact of this shift has been direct, positive client feedback after our presentations. Top Line Sales helped us to retain our largest client, minimizing the competitive threat and putting together a tighter account review and pro-active account management process. This was invaluable for our company.


President, Commercial Printing Industry

Sales Training Programs

Top Line Sales has designed and delivered tailor-made sales success training programs for our new and experienced sales producers for the past five years. With the help of Top Line Sales, our sales professionals opened and closed new sales and they directly attribute it to Lisa’s guidance, advice, and training. Lisa has helped us shift our sales culture from one of “telling” the prospect what they should purchase to one of “listening” to our prospect, identifying their needs, and presenting solutions that meet them where they are at. Lisa Magnuson is an expert in her field. Our sales professionals actively seek out Lisa’s coaching as their trusted advisor who helps them achieve winning results. Hiring Top Line Sales will be one of the best business decisions and investments you will make.


Managing Director of Talent Development, Insurance Industry

We hired Top Line Sales to work with and train our top AE’s, Managers, and Sales Leaders around identifying, developing, and closing big deals. Most impactful was the approach around pre-call planning and the structure of the account strategy meetings. Everyone walked away with something they could use immediately. Our group was engaged from the first session through the last session. They took the training seriously, completed all the homework, and put their full attention into every exercise.

Working with Top Line Sales helped us focus on account-specific opportunities and develop those accounts through all sessions.


President, Document Technology Industry

What was most valuable to us was the custom framework that became the foundation for our training program. Top Line Sales incorporated change management principles into the lead up and reinforcement of the training. They worked with the management staff on a customized ‘Training Reinforcement Contract’ to ensure that the new concepts, skills, and tools would be used to achieve our mission.


Director, Sales Operations & Sales Development, Medical Device Industry

We engaged Top Line Sales to provide sales training to our group of over 30 sales and outreach people and their managers. Prior to the training, our managers reported their top issues as inconsistent approach (techniques, language, tools) to sales and lack of clarity around sales best practices. After the training, attendees had a standard approach for pre-call planning, were more comfortable with open-ended sales questions and understood how to tie features to benefits and why this is important. The impact for our organization is increased consistency and clarity with regard to our sales efforts.


Outreach Services, Healthcare Services Industry

Sales Playbook Development

Top Line Sales helped us develop our Sales Process/Playbook last year and the work is paying big dividends for our company. Our custom playbook included carefully thinking about each stage and all the attributes of our unique sales approach and included input from all the stakeholders in our company. Once developed, we rolled out via a series of hands-on training sessions. We are believers in the process, and we are already seeing strong results.


VP of Business Development, Commercial Construction Industry

When I assumed responsibility for Sales in addition to Marketing, it was clear to me that our organization had outgrown our Sales Playbook. And we faced a critical need to find some big new deals to achieve revenue goals. That’s why we hired Top Line Sales. Lisa was collaborative, engaging, and supportive to our sales team in both identification and approach, and our highly defined Sales Playbook became a key tool for Sales (and Marketing too!) where we were able to fully describe and support our large account process. And I can tell you, it worked!


Marketing & Client Services, Financial Services Industry

We engaged Top Line Sales to work with our sales leadership team to refresh our Sales Leadership Playbook. Top Line Sales did a great job of involving the entire leadership team in the process from beginning to end. As a result, the sales directors, managers, and supervisors feel ownership and accountability to the best practices that were carefully cultivated throughout the Playbook.

Lisa’s methodical approach meant that we stayed on track throughout the process from interviews, development of playbook content, revisions, presentations to operationalize and ultimately a fantastic sales leadership Retreat. The Retreat was the most engaging that I’ve been part of to date in my career. It was a natural culmination of all the hard work, yet the day was filled with team-oriented activities that were both fun and productive.


AVP, Sales & Account Services, Healthcare Insurance Industry

We engaged Top Line Sales to provide expert sales assistance in developing and documenting our sales process, sales leadership playbook, and conducting a Strategic Sales Workshop series.
The biggest impact in working with Top Line Sales in the development of the Sales Leadership Playbook was shortening the time to productivity for our new Sales Director and providing clear expectations for the department. Top Line Sales led us through creating the table of contents, offered perspective and insights on each area, and worked with us step by step to ‘get it done’.

Top Line Sales suggested that we document our sales process, uncovering best practices which can be replicated and reinforced by all our salespeople. We even learned some things unrelated to the sales process! The value to us is that our customer interactions are more deliberate, and a clear process eliminates getting stuck in or repeating stages.


Senior VP, Sales & Marketing, Food Industry

Top Line Sales has helped us in several areas over the years. I am currently an active participant in their Sales VP Roundtable program which brings together small groups of Sales VP’s from various organizations and industries to dive into common sales problems to find the best solutions. Top Line Sales also worked with my team of sales leaders to build our sales leadership playbook. It was extremely helpful to capture the most effective techniques across teams.

Another valuable service that Top Line Sales provided was guiding our team through the development of our sales process. They facilitated the work of getting input from sales, account management, and sales managers which meant that the final playbook was relevant and impactful for all. We now have a path from beginning to end with common language throughout the sales organization.


VP of Sales, Healthcare Industry

Sales Leadership Programs

Before working with Top Line Sales, we didn’t have a sales process, so every opportunity seemed uniquely challenging. This led to inconsistencies in our revenues from year to year. Top Line Sales has helped us by transforming all our sales activities into purposeful actions.

Working with Top Line Sales, we’ve learned to look back to move forward. We continue to refine our ‘Best sales practices’ approach and as a result we exceed our sales goals year after year. Top Line Sales is more than a resource, but a trusted partner (since 2009) and an integral member of our team.


President & CEO, Management Consulting Industry

Lisa brings a remarkable sales knowledge and pragmatic experience base to the table in all our discussions. While I find that extremely valuable to me as a sales leader in my company, probably what I value most is her persistent, polite, professional, and effective encouragement to get things done- to set and make milestone goals, so crucial in a today’s long and complex selling process. Lisa is the embodiment and superb practitioner of “In sales, it’s not what you know, it’s what you do.”

I truly value Lisa’s counsel and she has been a vital component of our sales strategy since 2012.


President, Software Industry

Top Line Sales offers exceptional sales leadership programs. I have participated in two sales leadership groups offered by Top Line Sales over the years. The Sales VP Roundtable and the Sales Executive Mastermind Group.

Lisa Magnuson understands the challenges that sales leaders face and structures services to help sales leaders grow and develop through unique and engaging programs. I would recommend Top Line Sales for any company and sales leader who wants to grow their effectiveness in the most current and practical way.


Director- Strategic Partnerships /Technology

My company has had extremely strong revenues in recent years and the guidance from Top Line Sales has a lot to do with it. For instance, revenues rose by 35%, even during the pandemic. Top Line Sales worked with us to create a sales approach that fit our style and we use pre-call prep and dry runs to ensure that each important client and prospect meeting goes well. Together, we turned our formerly long-drawn-out sales efforts into concise, repeatable processes that continue to generate results.


President, Management Consulting Firm

I have participated in two fantastic sales leadership groups offered by Top Line Sales over the years. The Sales VP Roundtable and the Sales Executive Mastermind Group. As sales leaders, we all share many of the same challenges, despite working across a diverse set of industries, organizational structures, sizes and cultures.

Top Line Sales offers exceptional services for sales leaders who are interested and open to the kind of growth and development that can only come from being challenged by a high caliber group of peer advisors.


VP of Sales, Enterprise Technology Solutions Industry
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