What Do Client’s Say About Working With Top Line Sales?

Most valuable to us was the custom framework

BIOTRONIK engaged Top Line Sales to develop (and deliver) a custom soft skills training program and tools for our newly formed Customer Solutions Center.

What was most valuable to us was the custom framework (four phases of our call with three underlying skills for each phase) that became the foundation for our training program. Top Line Sales incorporated change management principles into the lead up and reinforcement of the training. They worked with the management staff on a customized ‘Training Reinforcement Contract’ to ensure that the new concepts, skills and tools would be used to achieve our mission.

We’re very proud of our ‘Wall of Success’ that already includes many examples of ‘BEST’ as a result of the program. Top Line Sales also made all the materials available to us via a license so we could continue to use them as we bring new people on board.

Lisa Magnuson was excellent to work with to build the content in an effective format that captured the key messaging we want in our training curriculum materials. By facilitating the first two sessions, she essentially trained our trainers. Lisa’s diligence, discipline and creativity were a key part to the success of our new soft skills training program.

Margaret Hay
Manager, Customer Solutions & Sales Operations

Extremely happy with the results to date

Vigor hired Top Line Sales in Oct. 2017 to work with us over the course of a year to begin a process to go after large new account opportunities and to secure and grow existing large accounts. We also wanted to put a sales process in place and build our sales playbook.

We are extremely happy with the results to date. We had our first new account success (a big win for us) and have made solid headway on strategies for our other target prospects and largest customers. We’re well on our way to building our playbook and sales process as well. Other specific areas of impact so far are our trade show preparation and ROI, implementation of sales meetings and engagement of company resources into the strategic sales process.

Working with Top Line Sales has been very positive and helpful. They have a no nonsense approach, get straight to work, focus on goals and goal alignment and have done a great job of navigating our complex company filled with strong personalities. They have the ability to get into the weeds but can then facilitate the group to get back to a high level of thinking. They are also flexible when needed but maintain focus on the project priorities. Their expertise and process has increased my confidence significantly and enhanced my feeling of empowerment to follow the steps necessary for account success.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Top Line Sales.

Kellan Lancaster
Business Development

A fantastic sales leadership retreat

Providence Health Plans recently engaged Top Line Sales to work with our sales leadership team to refresh our Sales Leadership Playbook. Top Line Sales did a great job of involving the entire leadership team in the process from beginning to end. As a result, the sales directors, managers and supervisors feel ownership and accountability to the best practices that were carefully cultivated throughout the Playbook.

Lisa’s methodical approach meant that we stayed on track throughout the process from interviews, development of playbook content, revisions, presentations to operationalize and ultimately a fantastic sales leadership Retreat. The Retreat was the most engaging that I’ve been part of to date in my career. It was a natural culmination of all the hard work, yet the day was filled with team oriented activities that were both fun and productive.

I would recommend Top Line Sales for any work associated with the development of a playbook.

Michael Cembrola
AVP, Sales and Account Services

The flow of exercise makes it valuable for all involved

I joined the Sales Executive Mastermind Group in early 2017 as part of my professional growth and development program. I was interested in forming deeper relationships with a group of peers outside of my company. I found the group friendly and focused – all experienced sales leaders. The meetings are well run. The aspect that I enjoyed most was the strategic issue resolution included in most of the meetings. The structured approach to quickly and efficiently diving into one of the sales leader’s issues using the collective experience and expertise of the group to offer input, advice and point out blind spots is highly effective.

The flow of exercise makes it valuable for all involved – not just the person with the issue. Also, as sales leaders, we all share many of the same challenges even though the group is diverse in terms of industry and size and structure of the sales organization. I can recommend this group for any sales leader who is interested and open to the kind of growth and development that can only come from a dedicated group of peer advisors.

David Brown
Vice President of Business Services
Oregon/SW Washington

Most impactful was the approach around pre-call planning

CTX, A Xerox Company hired Top Line Sales to work with and train our top AE’s, Managers and Sales Leaders over a two month period around identifying, developing and closing really big deals.  Most impactful was the approach around pre-call planning and the structure of the account strategy meetings.  Everyone walked away with something they could use immediately.  Our group was engaged from the first session through the last session.  They took the training seriously, completed all the homework and put their full attention into every exercise.

Working with Top Line Sales helped us focus in on account specific opportunities and develop those accounts through all three sessions.  Lisa is very organized and helped us pick the right topics for each session.  The separation of a couple of weeks between each session allowed the attendees to absorb the new information, think about the concepts and test the tools.  Lastly, Lisa provided lots of ideas for us to reinforce the training concepts into the future so our investment will pay off.

Kyle Marvin

Our revenue growth has been exponential

ForeScout Technologies, Inc. engaged Top Line Sales to help us build our sales infrastructure (sales process, top opportunity overlay, QBR improvements, sales communications, etc.) to enable us to accelerate our growth. Our revenue growth since that time, especially with critical accounts, has been exponential and the foundational work done by Top Line Sales has certainly contributed to our success. Top Line Sales brought the expertise we were seeking, especially in the area of global account strategy development.

Renee Capovilla
Senior Manager of Sales Enablement