Landing Bigger Deals Changes Everything

The TOP Sales Leader Playbook: How to Win 5X Deals Repeatedly

By: Lisa D. Magnuson

Foreword By: Jill Konrath

Every sales organization needs an engine that generates massive deals ─ repeatedly.  The TOP Sales Leader Playbook is your guidebook for creating that sales engine. It contains 16 key plays you need to exponentially grow revenues and drive leadership success. You’ll get valuable insights and practical how-to’s from 16 recognized thought leaders as sideline coach experts for each play. This invaluable reference guide is designed for modern sales leaders who want to win big.

Leaders Will Love This Playbook

“Lisa has skillfully put together a practical guide for sales leaders paired with powerful input from sixteen sideline experts. Results-oriented sales leaders will love this playbook.”
Meridith Elliott Powell
Business Growth & Sales Speaker
Highly Recommended

“Both strategic and practical, the information on how to win larger deals is crucial to sales leaders as well as sales reps. Most importantly, it can help put organizations on a solid leadership trajectory. Highly recommended.”
Christopher Ryan
Fusion Marketing Partners
Predictable & Repeatable Outcomes

“Her hands-on experience as a first and second-line leader made her one of the most distinguished sales leaders that I have ever seen lead. Her proven sales methodology will yield a visible, predictable, and repeatable outcome.”
Jay Tyler
Jay Tyler Consulting
An all-new perspective on the executive relationship!

The TOP Seller Advantage: Powerful Strategies To Build Long-Term Executive Relationships

By: Lisa D. Magnuson

Foreword By: Jill Konrath

Are you looking for an edge to land that big contract or keep your largest customers secure? Discover proven techniques from sales leadership veteran, Lisa D. Magnuson, to cultivate executive relationships that will pay big dividends. Pair this with exclusive C-suite executive contributions that provide real-world insight into their expectations of sales professionals to take your sales to the TOP!

Shorten Your Sales Cycle

“The perfect blueprint for mastering the art of the B2B complex sale. Sales, especially strategic selling is about relationships and planning. Lisa’s book guides you through proven strategies and techniques to hone those long-term relationships.”
Alice R. Heiman
Alice Heiman, LLC
A book I’ll be giving to friends

“Building relationships with senior executives isn't just a strategy - it's a necessity in today's hyper-competitive environment. This book provides the reader with specific steps to begin and maintain those relationships. ”
Mark Fallon
The Berkshire Company
Extraordinary Depth

“This isn't just about how to get past the gatekeeper or how to get in the door for an opening sales call, it's about growing these significant relationships inside of companies that you hope to do business with for a very long time. ”
Barbara Weaver Smith
The Whale Hunters

Free Pre-Call Planning Guide

The Top Line Sales pre-call planning tool will increase the effectiveness of your customer meetings.  It can be used during all stages of the selling process.  Advance planning ensures that all meeting participants are on the same page prior to important sales meetings.  Account based pre-call planning helps teams avoid sales ‘Stalls’ and accelerates close ratios.  Most importantly, solid pre-call planning helps sales people truly listen to their customers.

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