Lisa is a Popular Podcast Guest; you can catch up on a few of her appearances below.

Salesology with Wendy Weiss

In the Salesology®: Conversations with Sales Leaders podcast, you’re going to be getting the real scoop, the inside story from sales leaders who will deliver the goods on how to grow sales faster, more easily and more profitably.

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The Selling Well Podcast

We created the Selling Well podcast to help growth-oriented professional salespeople dramatically improve performance. We interview some of the top thought leaders in sales today to gather their best insights.

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 Scale Your Sales Poscast

A show created for B2B executives, sales leaders, key account managers, and professionals, to engage with lively conversations on customer experiences, strategic revenue growth, and modern sales know-how.

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Sales Talk for CEOs

In each episode, we get to know the sales background of each CEO, dig into the strategies they've used to build their sales organization and wrap it up with what the future holds.

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Conversational Selling

Lisa shares the secrets not just to improving sales but to going after, and winning sales opportunities. Her roll-up-your-sleeves style helps clients land seven-figure deals.

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The Sales Evangelist

I believe in doing BIG THINGS! You should be earning 6 figures easily as a sales rep. But chances are you are not...yet!

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SAGE with Kevin Legg

Sales leaders need to coach, mentor and develop their teams every day, not just when there's a problem or a performance issue.

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