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Under Lisa's guidance, Top Line Sales helps companies overcome obstacles to winning and closing contracts. Top Line Sales has a deep experience across a wide spectrum of industries including technology, software, medical device, healthcare, security and insurance.


B2B Sales Strategy:

How to Effectively Engage Executives

Engaging executives is essential if you want to develop and close your top B2B sales opportunities and build client loyalty over time. Top level decision makers only spend time with salespeople who understand their priorities and add value for them during every interaction. In this course, Lisa Magnuson, a strategic sales expert, shows you how to leverage win themes—the areas where your prospect's priorities overlap with the strengths of your offerings—to gain executive receptivity when selling in a B2B context.


B2B Sales Strategy:

Pre-call Prep for Virtual or In-Person Deals

There’s an old saying, “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.” If you work in sales, you have to be ready when your opportunities arise, and in this course, Lisa Magnuson shows you how to optimize your sales call preparation so you can maximize your chances of closing the deal. Lisa shares the lessons she’s learned from a career in sales, which she’s developed and refined into her 100% Confidence Call Sheet. If you’re looking for simple, practical, and action-oriented preparation advice that will help you with any prospect call, join Lisa in this course.


B2B Sales Strategy:

Avoid Prospect Stalls and Stops

Have you ever found yourself in a stall with one of your sales prospects? You had sales momentum, and then it abruptly ends. Skillfully building and executing a strategy that intentionally addresses potential stalls and stops will result in greater success and higher contract win rates.

Learn how to identify common sales missteps, map your prospect’s experience through a complex buying journey, and ask strong qualifying questions. Practice analyzing the decision-making process and forming a collaborative partnership with your prospects. Plus, explore ways to differentiate your solution from the competition.

What people say about these courses

This is a great review of how and why every sales professional should be taking the time to properly prepared for each appointment. Practical information that is easy to use and will certainly improve your results.


Vincent Burruano

Be structured, and be disciplined about planning before engagements with your prospects. It is well worth doing the initial work.


Dan Cooper
New Business Sales, Commercial & Transportation

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