Tips to Win More Frequently

Question: How can Win Themes™ help me win more frequently? Answer: Win themes™ are a great way for sellers to improve their sales conversations. Win themes™ are the […]

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The Key to Landing Really Big Accounts

Question:   You talk a lot about having a ‘strategic mindset’ and approach for TOP Line Accounts™, how is that different from a simple sales approach? Answer:  Most sellers […]

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What You Need to Know about Executive Engagement

Developing and closing big contracts is a challenging goal for any B2B Sales VP. However, one key strategy to achieve this objective is by cultivating a strong relationship […]

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What is a TOP Line Account™?

Question: What is a TOP Line Account™? Answer: I thought that you’d never ask! A ‘TOP Line Account™’ is your biggest and best prospect and/or current customer poised […]

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