Account Based Selling Team Pitfalls



What are the pitfalls associated with strategy planning for a TOP Line Account™?


Over the years I’ve observed the same ‘show stoppers’ over and over again with regards to strategy planning for your largest opportunities or critical customers.

They include:

  • A weak team leader
  • Strong start, poor execution over time
  • Prioritizing day-to-day over TOP Line Account™ planning
  • Thinking inwardly, not outwardly
  • Narrow focus. Not looking for all the opportunities within the account
  • Little or no key customer executive engagement
  • Lack of an unwavering belief that long term strategic account planning pays off
  • Tactical mindset versus a strategic mindset


On the flip side, when these critical elements are in place, there’s no stopping the team in landing or retaining TOP Line Accounts™!

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