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As a Sales VP, you need your senior sales executives to close their largest opportunities – every time.  Yet, complex opportunities are long and messy.  They require a higher level of sales execution.

Top Line Sales will guide your senior Account Executives to deliver on their biggest opportunities.  Our clients have won millions in new contracts with The Top Line Sales Toolkit™.

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Top Line Sales

Consider the impact on your revenue goals when you close 5X deals repeatedly.

Sales VP’s who engage with Top Line Sales get results. No wonder that 95% of our business comes from referrals and 90% of our clients are repeat customers.

Top Line Sales, founded by Lisa Magnuson in 2005, has a proven track record of winning extremely large contracts.  Our clients can point to millions in new 5X deal revenue based on our services.

Rev Up with The Top Line Sales Engine™

5X Win Room Services

Our Win Room Services ensure that your most important account opportunities have the highest level of focus.

Key Account Services

Maneuvering the complex terrain of TOP Line Account™ opportunities is achieved through focus, patience, and attention to strategy detail.

Sales Training Programs

Our Custom Sales Training Programs are designed to get results. We offer highly interactive training sessions.

Sales Playbook Development

 Top Line Sales works with your sales leadership team to create a custom sales playbook for your company.

Sales Leadership Services

Top Line Sales works with sales leaders to enhance sales results through coaching, mastermind groups, and sales leadership playbook development.

LinkedIn Learning Courses

Thousands of successful salespeople have taken Lisa’s LinkedIn Learning self-paced courses.

The TOP Sales Leader Playbook

Get the Winning Plays of TOP Sales Leaders

Discover how to identify, develop and repeatedly close 5X deals – five times your average contract size – with this essential playbook for TOP sales leaders from Mastermind Sales Strategist, Lisa Magnuson.

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New Customer Retrospective


Securing a 5X contract can take months, or in some cases years. In addition to celebrating your big win, conduct a New Customer Win Retrospective.  Benefits include:

  • Win retrospectives yield new information including how and why the customer reached their recent decision, which will enhance your sales approach with future prospects.
  • Gain important insights into your new customer’s complex buying process after a decision has been made which will offer a unique and valuable perspective for the selling team.
  • Learn about how the customer assessed the value of doing business with your company which will offer fresh ideas for other prospects.
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