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Top Line Sales instills the know-how into your sales organization to identify, cultivate and close strategic account opportunities through a field-proven process that includes the right tools, strategic training and live deal coaching.

War Room Services

Ensure highest level of focus, accountability and momentum on most important account opportunities.

Sales Leader Services

Sales leader mastermind programs guarantee improvements in both process and results.

Sales Training

Highly interactive training workshops focused on top opportunity account development.

Sales Playbooks

Improve consistency and create predictable outcomes with Sales Leadership Playbooks and Sales Playbooks.

New Book!

The TOP Sales Leader Playbook: How to Win 5X Deals Repeatedly
By: Lisa Magnuson
TOP Line Accounts™

When was the last time your sales team closed a 7-figure deal?

Sales VP’s hire us to get in the trenches with their sales teams to land seven-figure TOP Line Accounts that will dramatically impact their year-over-year sales results.
The TOP Line Account™ System is the engine that transforms the average, tactical sales team into strategic account leaders who win massive, Top Line accounts.
About Us

Company CEO Message

Close ratios skyrocket to 65% or better when clients involve Top Line Sales in their biggest opportunities.
Our clients boast of closed contracts totaling over $350 million in new revenue due to our ‘roll up our sleeves’ approach to helping your team win. We are not simply ‘advice givers’ - we work side-by-side with your account executives, running strategic opportunity war rooms, applying just-in-time expertise and arming them with tools and live coaching where it counts: in the field.

How can we help you win bigger deals?


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