What's on your mind as a sales Leader?

Does your sales team struggle in untangling and
closing strategic, must-win opportunities to take
your company to a new level of sales success?

Do you have a winning game plan to land critical
contracts and expand business with current
We know you will only entrust your sales team to a coach who is a proven leader. Lisa Magnuson has
amassed an extensive list of clients who have executed her strategies and tools to significantly improve
their win rates and overall sales success.

Lisa Magnuson of Top Line Sales, LLC is the person you’re looking for to arm your sales people with the
repeatable skills needed to develop and win significant deals. Let’s call them “must-win deals”, those
deals that take you to the next level. Lisa will give your sales team the tools to conquer them repeatedly.
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Top Line Sales offers a solution:
Recent successes driven by Top Line Sales:
Lisa helped one client in the technology and services industry land 44m in contracts

Lisa helped one consulting company client double sales within six months

Lisa helped one client in the professional services industry achieve a close ratio of 88%

Lisa worked with Admissions, Creative Communications and numerous other departments at several
universities to improve their success with student enrollments and maximize internal utilization of key
university services.
Why you’ll feel comfortable choosing Lisa Magnuson and Top Line Sales:
30 years of successful sales experience culminating in executive leadership positions
at Xerox Corporation and IKON Office Solutions and 9 years as an independent sales
consultant & published author.

Founded in 2005, Top Line Sales has a proven track record of providing clients, large
and small, with the tools to win critical deals.

Lisa has developed over 75 tried and true sales tools including Assessments,
Calculators, Guides, and Worksheets – all designed to improve sales success.

Lisa is a Certified Change Management Professional (CCMP).
Lisa is a published author of the book “The 48-Hour Rule and Other Strategies for Career Survival".

Lisa’s most recent e-book, “3 Secrets to Increase Sales with Existing Customers" is available in all e-
reader formats on Amazon and is already being utilized at Fortune 500 companies to expand sales.
Top Line Sales clients will tell you that Lisa’s coaching/training has been a complete game-changer for
them in terms of their sales success and company results